I wonder sometimes why
Sad thoughts are overwhelming;
Shared feelings with the mothers 
Of this strange world
Of tight chest emotions
Momentary explosions
Of happiness. Undefined.
Experienced on a stage
Full of characters, circling each other
In a forced existence.

‘The most natural thing in the world’
They say, those who have never been there
To know the weight of motherhood
Balanced precariously with daughter
Sister, wife and all the rest of life’s Detritus.
How can the son, brother, father
Really know the depth of love that comes
From the depths of your own body?

Then the strange sense of loss in birth and life
As the separation process starts.
The mother’s heart has chambers just
Reserved for them and beats in time with theirs
For her eternity. There’s nothing we can do
To still the want and need for the first touch
In the real world when hidden child becomes reality.
The joy of watching flowering adulthood outweighs
The sense of loss… apart from those few days
When memory defies all logic…waves
Too powerful to stop you drowning.

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