Feed the birds

driftwood branches
planted ; a stage for 
feathered players
to perform
to entertain
to meet and greet
to feast on nuts and seeds

wings whisper 
through the air
against the seeds in mesh
just hanging there.

branches bend ; groan
as sparrow hawk alights
swooping on a chattering group
of finches as they fight.

wren hedge-hops unaware
of rasping bramble thorns
gathers insects as she sings
her jubilation songs.

crows hunch silently
in dark tree shadows 
obsidian eyes
in jet black statues

kestrel hovers high 
above the feeding frenzy
on the ground below,
mobbed by clouds
of finches, forcing him to go.

the spectacle delights
from dawn to dusk
hypnotic, mesmerising
constantly surprising

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